I Became a Male Escort after Meeting a Female Escort

It never crossed my mind that being a male escort was my calling. I am a 28-year-old man who grew up in east London. As a late baby boomer, I did not lose my virginity until I was 20 years with a girl I met on tour to Paddington. Since that first experience, I started exploring my sexual life. I knew there was a lot more to explore in the sex world and went on to try various fetishes, including group sex, BDSM, and anal.

When I went to college, I was chasing a range of ladies. I met this beautiful and curvy college girl, and she was curious about engaging in a threesome. This was when I met a female London escort. We logged into Cleopatra London escorts agency and paid for Natasha’s services, one of the gorgeous women escorts. Natasha was quite smart and sexy, with a stunning figure and perky breasts. After the steamy threesome, my college girl and I stopped dating, but for Natasha, we continued to contact each other, frequently talking about life and sex.

Natasha was among the high-end escorts whose clients were mostly models, politicians, businessmen, and CEOs. She was so open about her occupation as a female escort, her experiences, and all kind of stuff. Eventually, we organized regular meet-ups, had drinks and amazingly wild sex courtesy of the tension, and build up from our exchanges and the buddies we had started to be. It was during one of our regular fuck sections that she asked me if I ever thought of becoming an escort. She told me I could do it as a part-time hustle while at college.

I must admit this was not the first time the idea of becoming a male escort was crossing my mind. I had already been fascinated by the escort’s earnings and line of work. I did not understand why an escort like Natasha, who demanded $2400 per night from clients, was getting to bed with me for free. Since I am good in bed, I thought I would earn some cash from it too. Natasha was mysterious, stylish, and glamorous. Her world captivated me, and this is how she introduced me to escorting.

Natasha told me about an exclusive London male escorts agency, which was hiring exceptional male companions for both gay men and ladies. This was a lucrative deal, and apart from my fascination with the sex life, I also had bills and college fees to settle. In no time, I was one of the male escorts in the London-based agency.

Over the last couple of years, I have hooked up with various women, with most of them being mature. Some do not hire me for sex. They only want companionship to help them speak openly about their needs and desires. I have also been with men, but the good thing is I am up to anything you need. My parents are yet to know that I am an escort and believe I do online business. However, some of my college colleagues know about it, but am not concerned as long as it settles my bills.

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