Friendships are unprecedented some times. You can be in a promising friendship only for it to end abruptly with little warning. Whether friendship ended on good terms or not, we are often left to look for a replacement as quickly as possible. Unlike romantic relationships which are excruciating to recover and move on to the next, replacing a friend can be really easy because there is often no observable attachment to the other person. It is something you can do in just 30 minutes. But considering the difference in nature with people, all friends are unique. Here is how to find new friends.

Hang in social places, doing social activities
The exact way you look for over the counter pills in the local chemist shop, you are bound to make a handful of friends in most of the social places. You can join various clubs in your school and mingle with the members. You can also enlist for activities such as volunteer programs and even religious groupings such as the mosques and churches. But not just any social place is a great place for making friends. Well, it depends on the personality. Chilling in neighborhoods with coke and meth users will bring you plenty of similar friends. But suppose you are in the correct social places to make friends, try to appear interested in doing the activities and mixing with the people. Talk without being overly talkative, smile, keep eye contact, introduce yourself, be helpful and start conversations once in a while. You will be shocked at how easily you are going to fork in a bunch of friends.

Try out social networks
Other than sharing selfies and cute photos of kittens, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and even twitter can be great platforms to finding new friends. The notion of sharing selfies on Instagram and Facebook is a friend catcher itself. Sad thing is that a lot of friendships that start there usually end there as well. But others actually spill into real life. Join discussion groups, contribute on topics and be interactive with people you meet. One great thing about social networks is that you can make friends you share a lot of interests with, based on the issues you mutually find common. For instance, if you join a page with charity related activities, you can meet individual whom you can agree with after some time to form a local charity organization and oversee the activities of a larger organization in your area. You know what you’ve done? You’ve just made friends without knowing.

Just start talking
If you have tried all social places and social networks and failed to make friends, sometimes it will be prudent to keep talking to people closest to you and even contacting old friends. Revisit your phone book and reach your old associate or that guy you saved from the bouncers in a pub and ask him how he is doing. Reconnecting with old associates can save you from the uncertainty of making entirely new friends who you are yet to know very well.
But try to be loyal this time. You can’t afford to lose friends again unless it is very necessary.

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