I Became a Male Escort after Meeting a Female Escort

It never crossed my mind that being a male escort was my calling. I am a 28-year-old man who grew up in east London. As a late baby boomer, I did not lose my virginity until I was 20 years with a girl I met on tour to Paddington. Since that first experience, I started exploring my sexual life. I knew there was a lot more to explore in the sex world and went on to try various fetishes, including group sex, BDSM, and anal.

When I went to college, I was chasing a range of ladies. I met this beautiful and curvy college girl, and she was curious about engaging in a threesome. This was when I met a female London escort. We logged into Cleopatra London escorts agency and paid for Natasha’s services, one of the gorgeous women escorts. Natasha was quite smart and sexy, with a stunning figure and perky breasts. After the steamy threesome, my college girl and I stopped dating, but for Natasha, we continued to contact each other, frequently talking about life and sex.

Natasha was among the high-end escorts whose clients were mostly models, politicians, businessmen, and CEOs. She was so open about her occupation as a female escort, her experiences, and all kind of stuff. Eventually, we organized regular meet-ups, had drinks and amazingly wild sex courtesy of the tension, and build up from our exchanges and the buddies we had started to be. It was during one of our regular fuck sections that she asked me if I ever thought of becoming an escort. She told me I could do it as a part-time hustle while at college.

I must admit this was not the first time the idea of becoming a male escort was crossing my mind. I had already been fascinated by the escort’s earnings and line of work. I did not understand why an escort like Natasha, who demanded $2400 per night from clients, was getting to bed with me for free. Since I am good in bed, I thought I would earn some cash from it too. Natasha was mysterious, stylish, and glamorous. Her world captivated me, and this is how she introduced me to escorting.

Natasha told me about an exclusive London male escorts agency, which was hiring exceptional male companions for both gay men and ladies. This was a lucrative deal, and apart from my fascination with the sex life, I also had bills and college fees to settle. In no time, I was one of the male escorts in the London-based agency.

Over the last couple of years, I have hooked up with various women, with most of them being mature. Some do not hire me for sex. They only want companionship to help them speak openly about their needs and desires. I have also been with men, but the good thing is I am up to anything you need. My parents are yet to know that I am an escort and believe I do online business. However, some of my college colleagues know about it, but am not concerned as long as it settles my bills.

What you Ought to Know About London Escorts

The city of London is well endowed with escorts of different races, sizes, age, and sexual orientation, ensuring that your taste and preference is accounted for. Given that there are several escort agencies, you need to understand what you need to avoid falling for fraudulent sites. In this guide, I shall present how you can maximize your experience with a London escort.

Locating an Escort

There is a large number of websites offering escorts in London and its environs. Avoid falling prey to fraudsters by looking for escort advertisements in the right places. You can narrow down to the best escort agency in London by looking through customer reviews of various companies.

Booking an Escort

Settle on the best escort agency from customer reviews on the internet and recommendations from friends. Break down your search by using the filter feature to get the best or select one from the suggestions provided by the agency. Follow the prompts, proceed to checkout, and wait for the arrival of your escort.

Impressing an Escort

To learn more about your escort, you may need to go through her profile, while focusing on her gallery and sexual preferences. When she arrives in your room, you can use the information to your advantage and make her remember you above most men that she meets.

In most cases, sweeping her off the feet entails paying your escort before the play begins, being respectful all through, maintaining proper hygiene, picking a perfect venue, and showering her with rewards whenever she deserves. Winning the heart of any lady does not use a specific formula, meaning that you can improvise along the way as you bond in person.

Top Escort Agencies in London

The best places for locating a professional escort include:

  • Cleopatra Escorts – specializes in high class and gorgeous escorts in London. The elite escort agency offers incall and outcall services to your home or hotel in any part of London. The escorts are available at an affordable price from 11 am to 2 am.
  • Premier Chelsea InCall Escorts- Premier Chelsea Escorts takes time to assemble beauties with brains that are ideal for different events and ideas of fun. You can book one of the escorts for thirty minutes, the entire night, or over the weekend to get an unrivalled experience.
  • Charlotte Escorts of London-Charlotte is home to professional escorts of London and neighbouring cities. The elite escorts are available for different functions and events, provided you can pay the price. You can settle on a blonde or redhead, based on your preference.
  • VIP Pleasure Girls- ­VIP Pleasure Girls in Bayswater, are renown top London escorts that can help you unwind when you are exhausted or having fun. When attending a meeting, you can get one of our escorts to accompany you. Afterwards, you can get a professional massage.
  • Dior Knightsbridge Escorts- Knightsbridge boasts of beautiful models that you can hire for a business meeting, party, or private audience. The escorts are always ready for incall or outcall bookings on all days of the week. The affordable ladies can visit you in any part of London.

Bottom Line

An escort may come in handy whenever you are out to a corporate meeting, going for outdoor, or indoor fun. Finding the best escort agency ensures that you have fun with the best escorts in London without fear of your information landing on the wrong hands. For the right price, you can get one of the most expensive or cheap professional escorts in London.


Friendships are unprecedented some times. You can be in a promising friendship only for it to end abruptly with little warning. Whether friendship ended on good terms or not, we are often left to look for a replacement as quickly as possible. Unlike romantic relationships which are excruciating to recover and move on to the next, replacing a friend can be really easy because there is often no observable attachment to the other person. It is something you can do in just 30 minutes. But considering the difference in nature with people, all friends are unique. Here is how to find new friends.

Hang in social places, doing social activities
The exact way you look for over the counter pills in the local chemist shop, you are bound to make a handful of friends in most of the social places. You can join various clubs in your school and mingle with the members. You can also enlist for activities such as volunteer programs and even religious groupings such as the mosques and churches. But not just any social place is a great place for making friends. Well, it depends on the personality. Chilling in neighborhoods with coke and meth users will bring you plenty of similar friends. But suppose you are in the correct social places to make friends, try to appear interested in doing the activities and mixing with the people. Talk without being overly talkative, smile, keep eye contact, introduce yourself, be helpful and start conversations once in a while. You will be shocked at how easily you are going to fork in a bunch of friends.

Try out social networks
Other than sharing selfies and cute photos of kittens, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and even twitter can be great platforms to finding new friends. The notion of sharing selfies on Instagram and Facebook is a friend catcher itself. Sad thing is that a lot of friendships that start there usually end there as well. But others actually spill into real life. Join discussion groups, contribute on topics and be interactive with people you meet. One great thing about social networks is that you can make friends you share a lot of interests with, based on the issues you mutually find common. For instance, if you join a page with charity related activities, you can meet individual whom you can agree with after some time to form a local charity organization and oversee the activities of a larger organization in your area. You know what you’ve done? You’ve just made friends without knowing.

Just start talking
If you have tried all social places and social networks and failed to make friends, sometimes it will be prudent to keep talking to people closest to you and even contacting old friends. Revisit your phone book and reach your old associate or that guy you saved from the bouncers in a pub and ask him how he is doing. Reconnecting with old associates can save you from the uncertainty of making entirely new friends who you are yet to know very well.
But try to be loyal this time. You can’t afford to lose friends again unless it is very necessary.

Ways to get Fit

Remaining and getting fit is a must these days. You will find a variety of ways you can get escorts and in London you have quite kindly taken a look in the most recent ones for us. More than a few of them seem more exhausting and we decided to release the thoughts of the greatest suggestions that are according to London escorts. All of these are thoughts that my buddies from London escorts providers analyzed and have really tried.


Whirling is occasionally called cycling inside in some areas of the planet. What does whirling do for you? Firstly a significant number of calories can burn off in the event that you actually put your back right into a work-out. When you perform hard throughout a session that is whirling it is possible to burn off just as much as 800 calories. That’s lots for what might be a 45-minute work out of calories.


The picture the 300 showcased some seriously sexy and warm guys. I would like to tell you, they are able to come and work out at my gym any-day. My London escorts buddies and myself have attempted the Tabata fashion Spartan workout and that is a popular burner that is real. The Tabata fashion Spartand work out could be for you personally in the event you would like to free fat of your bum and tum in just several weeks.

It’s not all about loosing fat and creating muscles. Perhaps you have attempted pole dance? Pole dance is an excellent manner of acquiring and obtaining strength. For the past few weeks I ‘ve as well as my London escorts buddies attempted out the pole dance work. It is totally perfect for bodybuilding at the same time and is hard work . However, it could actually enhance your. This is a pleasure exercise fashion that will be performed to music.

There are a few exciting and genuinely new methods to not get cold this summer. Whirling pole dance as well as the Spartan work out really are some of the methods to get hot and alluring. You may also try a variety of types of yoga, a little power and weight training walking. A power session that is good can see you appear sexy and hot because mikrokini of yours in just a couple of weeks.

Evolution of porn

Lonesome nighttime don’t have to be as alone anymore. There are choices to select from to fulfill your sexual dreams when you need it or to amuse yourself. As a result of the net, there really are plenty of sites offering videos of virtually any kind of sexual scenario that will tickle someone’s fantasy. They may be still categorized based on such things as race, age, hair colour, assemble, a variety of scenarios, and sexual preference.

Evolution of porn

Evolution of porn

In the 70s and 1980s, a number of its own leading performers popularized pornography. They wound up up being every guy’s envy as each appeared to get unbelievable stamina apart from having plus-size length and ” girth.

In more recent years, however, feature-film-length porn movies are becoming rare, but some have really been fairly successful and comparatively large budgeted pictures in their particular right. These films generally featured the latterday pornstars. The concept was utilized in movies like Conquest, Pirates, Pirates II, and its own sequel to business success. These pictures had porn greats to bring attention. Parodies of popular movies also have become remarkable over time. There’s additionally “Manhunters” exhibiting a Charlie’s Angels-kind film about four feminine bounty hunters. When it won in seven groups the film got recognition in the grownup film awards firm, AVN.

When you do’t possess enough time to look at feature-length grownup movies, scene-specific movies are an alternative. This sub-style of the pornography industry even offers its stars like Cytherea, the alleged Tori Black, Jenna Haze, Sasha Gray and “Squirting Queen”. Unknowns in truth-kind scenarios like MILF-Hunter or Bang Bus, which mostly characteristic encouraging a random woman to get sex oncamera, have also recognition. You will find still recreational-created movies provided through numerous porn websites with related motifs.

The www has really made it possible to meet most want including provisions for the classics, for genre unique visual stimulus. Better quality and first versions normally include a cost tag, but you can also locate a number of them at no cost when you’re resourceful enough.